Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tour of Duty - Tour of Duty 1-2-3-Complete

Tour of Duty - Tour of Duty 1-2-3-Complete

Tour of Duty - Tour of Duty 1-2-3-Complete

HASH: 4f529aa468750865056f2bf408a9816ac56a95e0

*Tour of

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x01 - Premiere Episode - Tour of Duty.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x02 - Notes from the Underground.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x03 - Dislocations.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x04 - War Lover.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x05 - Sitting Ducks.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x06 - Burn Baby Burn.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x07 - Brothers, Fathers, and Sons.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x08 - The Good, The Bad, and The Dead.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x09 - Battling Baker Brothers.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x10 - No Where To Run.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x11 - Roadrunner.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x12 - Pushin' to Hard.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x13 - USO Down.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x14 - Under Siege.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x15 - Soldiers.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x16 - Gray-Brown Odyssey.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x17 - Blood Brothers.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x18 - The Short Timer.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x19 - Paradise Lost.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x20 - Angel Of Mercy.avi

+TOD Season 1/Tour.of.Duty.1x21 - The Hill.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x01 - Saigon (part 1).avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x02 - Saigon (part 2).avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x03 - For What its Worth.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x04 - True Grit (formally called Aftermath).avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x05 - Non-Essential Personnel.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x06 - Sleeping Dogs.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x07 - I Wish It Would Rain.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x08 - Popular Forces.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x09 - Terms Of Enlistment.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x10 - Nightmare.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x11 - Promised Land.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x12 - Lonesome Cowboy Blues.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x13 - Sins Of The Father.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x14 - Sealed with A Kiss.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x15 - Hard Stripe.avi

+TOD Season 2/Tour.of.Duty.2x16 - The Volunteer.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x01 - The Luck.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x02 - Doc Hock.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x03 - The Ties That Bind.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x04 - Lonely At The Top.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x05 - A Bodyguard Of Lies.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x06 - A Necessary End.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x07 - Cloud Nine.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x08 - Thanks For The Memories.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x09 - I Am What I Am.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x10 - World In Changes.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x11 - Green Christmas.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x12 - Odd Man Out.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x13 - And Make Death Proud to Take Us.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x14 - Dead Mans Tales.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x15 - The Road To long Binh.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x16 - Acceptable Losses.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x17 - Vietnam Rag.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x18 - War Is A Contact Sport.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x19 - Three Cheers For The Orange, White And Blue.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x20 - The Raid.avi

+TOD Season 3/Tour.of.Duty.3x21 - Payback.avi

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